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How does this work?

  1. Register a "Homeowner account" in the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) website portal (www.mor.sg)
  2. Click on the "Redeem now" Button on this screen to reach us.
  3. Alternatively, you can also WhatsApp; "GPC<space>CODE" to "9092 0775".
  4. MOR officer will respond to you with a personalised 6-12 Digit Promo Code within the next working days.
  5. Receive "$250 CASH" when a company / contractor successfully signs up with the Ministry of Renovation Leads Generation with a minimum $5,000 deposit into MOR E-Wallet using "Your Promo Code".
  6. "Your Promo Code" MUST BE used during sign-up with MOR. Any after-event will not be entertained.
  7. "$250 CASH" will be ready to collect after 7 working days once MOR has collected the Full Payment by the company / contractors.
  8. There is "No Limitation" for the number of contractors or companies you refer to. The more you refer,  the more you receive!
  9. You can "Share Your Promo Code" with others and Receive $250 each time when contractors or company uses Your Promo Code to join the MOR renovation portal.
  10. WhatsApp MOR @ 9092 0775 or Email sales@mor.sg for more information.

Log on to: www.mor.sg


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Referral MUST insert your referral code of "XXXXXX" number upon signing up the Contract with us in order to have a successful transaction.
  2. Any add-on of referral code of "XXXXXX" after 3 days will not be entertained.
  3. Both homeowners / vendors MUST have an account on MOR Website (www.mor.sg) in order to receive the Rewards.
  4. This promotion is strictly Not allowed to combine with other promotions.
  5. The contractor or company must commit a minimum $5,000 deposit with full payment paid (non-refundable).
  6. This promotion strictly applies to the "Pay as You Receive Plan" in MOR Services.
  7. Promotion only applies to first-time contractors or companies joining MOR.
  8. Promotion will not apply if the company or contractors "Top-Up" subsequently in the future.
  9. In the event that the company or contractors does not have any promo code or reject using your promo code, you will not receive anything.
  10. As a referral, MOR requires either you to get involved in the meet-up with the contractor or be responsible to arrange a meet-up with the contractor (Your presence is required) with the MOR salesperson.
  11. MOR will not entertain anyone that sent in the contractor or company name and contact number unless a proper meet-up had been arranged and the contract is signed with all parties present.
  12. Ministry of Renovation reserves the right to change or amend the above terms & Conditions without prior notice.


Promotion ends on 31 Dec 2023.


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