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How does this work?

  1. Register a "Homeowner account" in the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) website portal (www.mor.sg).
  2. Click on the "Redeem Now" Button on this screen to reach us once you've completed the following instruction (points 4 &5).
  3. Alternatively, you can also WhatsApp; "COF<space>10" to "9092 0775".
  4. Click on the "Get FREE Quote" button and select "Minimum 10 services" for your renovation works.
  5. Fill in your renovation details and click on "SUBMIT".
  6. Done!


Log on to: www.mor.sg


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Homeowners MUST have an account on the MOR website (www.mor.sg) in order to receive the Rewards.
  2. This promotion is strictly not allowed to combine with other promotions.
  3. Homeowner MUST either "WhatsApp" or click on "Redeem Now" to participate. There will be No Automatic participation in this campaign.
  4. Every homeowner is entitled to 1-time redemption for this campaign reward.
  5. The homeowner may or may not need to commit (sign) with any of the renovation contractors that they requested to get a quote.
  6. The homeowner will need to have a record of the invoice on quoted items, which can be in soft / hard copy OR quote a message of conversation with the contact number of sales reps that they have communicated with the service company. Any verbal quote will not be recognised.
  7. Please ensure that your invoice has the correct "period", "name of company or contractor" and the "quantity" of minimum 25 numbers of quotations received to be eligible for this redemption.
  8. A homeowner is allowed to "resend" the quote request if they find that the numbers of quotation they receive are not enough.
  9. Homeowner will need to self-collect the gift card personally. If the homeowner requests courier services, the homeowner will need to bear the delivery services by themselves.
  10. If the gift card is not claimed within 3-months of the date of "Successful", the gift card will be void automatically.
  11. Ministry of Renovation reserves the right to change or amend the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


Promotion ends on 31 Dec 2023.

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